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It's not a self-help book - it's a guideline for people to reach their full potential backed by a ton of research and the latest scientific data. It's the kind of book that lends itself to a complete read-through at one sitting, or you can scan through until you find something meaningful for you at the moment.There must be hundreds of links to back up his tips. This book could keep you reading for days if you'd like to go deeper. In that sense, it's more a platform for reaching your potential rather than a book.

John Campbell

This is a must-read primer for self-development – a foundation for success in anything. Guy Bieber has brilliantly captured a compendium of actionable advice for improving personal effectiveness. The Potential Book is a valuable handbook no matter what stage your career, experience or endeavor.

Mark TempletonPresident & CEO Citrix (former), Executive Chairman 4Sense, Mentor, Pragmatist, and Optimist

No matter what area of expertise you are trying to achieve true potential in, this book will certainly do the trick in getting you there! From page one, Guy Bieber throws you into the 10x mindset by bombarding you with tons of useful information that has immediate life applications. This book is a MUST READ for achievers!

Doug Sheridan

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Guy Bieber for many years. During that time Guy exemplified many of the concepts that he is exposing in the book “Potential.” This book is the distillation of his thinking on achieving 10x results and getting things done. Guy has an amazing capability to absorb enormous amounts of data and distil its essence. If you want to learn GeShiDo and realize your true Potential, then this book is for you.

Martin DuursmaVP Citrix Technology Office (former), Business/Technologist/Mentor/Angel Investor